Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time off

I haven't stopped blogging, don't worry. I find it hard to do "Friday Night Meals" the right way for the months of November and December, so I am not even going to try. We are still having really good food on Friday Night's for these two months but nothing too different. So let me tell you about the past couple weeks and after that come back and see my posts in the new year.

Last week was a great steak on the grill and my favorite apple tart that I like to make every so often. The week before was dinner with the Roke's (next door). We had a great night...

I made some hummus and olive tapinade with some homemade walnut and Gruyere crisps for the appetizer.

Grilled Swordfish with Roasted Tomato Parsley Sauce and Lemon Risotto

Croquombouche (Krok-Kuhm-BOOSH) which is a dessert they serve in France at weddings or even at Christmas because it resembles a Christmas tree. It's cream puffs filled with pastry cream (I did 50% butterscotch pastry cream and 50% Chocolate pastry cream) they are "glued" together with caramel, very carefully, into a round shape then "glue"more as you go up to form a tree shape. Once it's shaped you use the tines of a fork dipped in the leftover caramel to drizzle over the outside for another layer of (caramel) crunch. The trick is you have to make this within a couple hours of serving. I pushed it, I made it about 4:00 and we had dessert about 8 or 9:00. It was really good, a little messy but good.

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