Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunday in the back yard

We invited Brian, Tara and the kids over this past weekend for a little cook-out and hanging out in the back yard. It turned out to be a nice and sunny day. Brian brought his camera, and let me tell you...he knows how to take a picture (he did today's food photography). We simply had cheese burgers on the grill, roasted sweet potatoes and regular potatoes. I also made a salad with tomatoes, blue cheese, roasted red peppers, grilled zucchini and summer squash (grilled ahead and marinated in balsamic dressing), roasted beets and fresh basil. For dessert it was "Hot Fudge Sundae's". I made a simple hot fudge sauce by heating up 1/3 cup of corn syrup and 1 cup of heavy cream in the microwave, remove it from the microwave and add 8 oz of chopped bittersweet chocolate, let it sit for a minute then stir and its ready to go on the ice cream. We had Vanilla and Mocha Chip ice cream, chocolate sauce, homemade whipped cream, walnuts and a cherry on top.

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