Sunday, February 22, 2009

Restaurant Review - Mills Tavern 2/20/09

To celebrate being employed again, we headed out to probably our favorite restaurant in the world on Friday night.

The Mills Tavern in Providence never seems to disappoint. Everytime we visit it seems to be perfect. The service is impeccable. The menu is always the right mix of old favorites and new seasonal specials. We always sit at the bar to eat dinner where we enjoy an expertly made cocktail and their fresh cashews before ordering. I asked the bartender if he had blue cheese stuffed olives for my Hendrick's martini available. He hesitated for just a moment then said yes. He then sent his apprentice bartender to the kitchen for blue cheese and stuffed my olives to order!

Something different on this visit was the presence of a "happy hour" special at the bar. Local "papa squash" oysters on the half shell were $1 each until 8pm. I had to take advantage. They were perfect. Clean, briny and complimented by their usual fennel salad, mignionette and horseradish cocktail sauce. I also magically received two extra oysters with my order of 8!
Jeanne had the unique Mills Tavern cobb salad. This hearty salad is formed into some sort of square mold. It has layers of chopped chicken, bacon, blue cheese and avocado. A meal in itself

Jeanne went with the "CINNAMON BRINED NIMAN RANCH PORK LOIN BAKED IN FRESH SPICED CRANBERRIES WITH PINEAPPLE CHUTNEY". I wanted to go a little outside the box on this night so I went with the "ASSIETTE OF RABBIT ENCROUTE WITH BRAISED LEG AND SEARED LOIN SERVED WITH WHOLE GRAIN MUSTARD NAGE". I had to ask what "assiette" meant. It essentially means "3 ways". My plate encluded a rabbit leg plus what I can only describe as a rabbit liver pate "calzone" with the rabbit loin packaged in the center. Excellent...

Dessert on this night was a given. We had coffee's and the "MOLASSES SPICED CAKE WITH CARAMELIZED PEARS AND WALNUT PRALINE ICE CREAM". Just the type of dish we love at the Mills...hearty...classic New England...

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