Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Friday night menu - Charcoal Grilled Pork Chops with Bell Pepper Agrodulce

My turn!  Jeanne asked me to handle Friday night dinner this week, so here's how things went.  Time was short so I couldn't plan anything too intricate, but I think it was definitely blog-worthy!

Bucheron cheese & rosemary crostini

OK, I know this is just cheese and crackers.  But I needed something good to keep us satisfied while I put everything together.  Bucheron is a great cheese to try if you haven't had it before.  It's a goat cheese with a gooey outer ring.  Tangy and creamy.  Good stuff.

Charcoal Grilled Pork Chops, Yellow & Orange bell pepper agrodolche, Chile-corn Custard, Fresh Massachusetts green beans

I initially wanted to stay away from the grill for this meal (since that was what Jeanne and everyone else would expect).  But time was short aaaaand.....I have a new grill!  Just purchased the Weber 26.75" One Touch Gold Kettle....very nice!  I paired this with a grilled yellow and orange bell pepper agrodolce.  I had done an agrodolche on a prior Friday night meal and it was great.  Peppers in a sweet/sour vinegar sauce.  Perfect summer grilled main dish!  I paired it with some local fresh green beans and chile-corn custard, a recipe that I found on bonappetit.com.  This was a great find.  I used fresh local corn that I roasted on the new grill then added to the recipe.  This may have been our favorite part of the meal.  Cheesy, creamy, corn-ey, summer-y! 

Summer berries & cream

Again, I must admit I took the easy way out here.  But it was high quality, summer on a plate!  Fresh rasberries and blueberries mascerated with turbinado sugar and orange liquor, served with fresh vanilla whipped cream.

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