Sunday, June 27, 2010

Friday Night, quick and easy

This week I didn't plan anything at all for Friday because I still have a lot to do for our annual cookout (only a few weeks away) and I wanted to get some mulching and yard work done. I thought I would play it by ear, maybe this time we would order a pizza. Well I ended up going to Boston for the day with Lisa and Karisa so I didn't get the yard work done, but that's OK it was more fun to go enjoy the weather, friends and food in Boston. I left Lisa's house about 4:30 and went to Whole Foods just to grab something for the grill. I don't know what drew me to the fresh tuna steak, but I had to get a piece of that. I figured I would do a quick honey soy marinade and grill it for an appetizer. Then I originally planned on lamb (lolly-pops) chops, but they were so expensive and they had these small lamb steaks that looked a lot like fillet mignon, I was curious about those so I got a couple to try them out (It was a cut from the leg). I got some heirloom tomatoes and figured I'd do a quick tomato salad to go with it. I also got some asparagus because they were calling out to me, they are always good on the grill. At the farmer's market in Boston we got these baby carrots that we decided to par-boil and then grill them. I made a quick herb and Bulgar salad; just lots of herbs from the garden, some butter, salt and pepper. Dessert would be cannoli's from Mike's Pastry in Boston. I ended up getting home about 5:45 and dinner was ready in no time. Comparing what I usually do... cooking all day dinner tonight in no time... You know I love to cook but sometimes simple is best.

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