Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Night, baked herb stuffed salmon

I loved the salmon last time so much, I decided to do it again. This time though I thought I would try it baked instead of grilled. As I looked for a recipe I came across Jamie Oliver's recipe which I remember seeing him do on his show. Tony always says he puts way too much herbs on his seafood so I thought I would see if it's too much by making it his way and we can judge it our selves.

I recently went to Job Lot and came across a cookbook on salt and pepper. It seemed like an interesting book and it was priced at $2.99 so I thought, wow you can't do better than 3 bucks for a nice cookbook. When I got to the register it rang up at $1.50 so I guess you can do better than 3 bucks. Anyway I made a couple things already from it. Last night I made spaghetti carbonara which had a good peppery taste to it. Tonight I am serving homemade sea salt and black pepper crackers as an appetizer along with some cheese. Also there is a recipe for salt roasted potatoes which are boiled first with lemon and garlic then roasted with course gray salt, garlic and lemon, which is going to be the side dish tonight. I am also doing roasted asparagus as the vegetable.

Something we have been watching on the food network is "The best thing I ever ate". They ask food network chefs this question and 5 or so chefs describe the best... sweet thing...or...thing you eat with your hands...or...with bacon. So the the best "sweet thing" that Duff from Charm City Cakes ever ate was this ice cream dessert, and I can only guess at how it's made because they don't give out the recipes. It's vanilla ice cream at the bottom of a glass then something they call "wet nuts" which looks like peanuts they heat with honey until it looks like wet nuts, then chocolate ganache and then something that looks like house made marshmallow fluff. So that's what I will attempt to do.

So the whole menu is...

Homemade Sea Salt and Black Pepper Crackers with Blue Cheese,

Zucchini Vichyssoise this is from The Bearfoot Contessa, I thought it's a cool day, a soup sounds good. I will serve some toasted french bread slices with garlic butter.

Baked Herb Stuffed Salmon

Salt Roasted Potatoes

Roasted Asparagus

Ice Cream trifle

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